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I’m a wife and mom who loves to craft and sew; but, my favorite thing is gift giving!  How much more fulfilling it is for me, when I can MAKE a gift to give!  Out of that love for giving and my love for living in the south, and magnolia trees, Magnolia Vinyl was born. Magnolia Vinyl LLC, is one store with two locations. We are inside Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace and in Rustic Reflections in Crestview, Florida.  I love helping you find what you need to complete your vinyl craft project!  You can message me on our MV page on instagram or at "" on Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope you enjoy my blog!

monogram image1

Begin by opening Silhouette Studio and clicking on "Show drawing area" to begin designing your monogram.
 Click on the font icon on the left sidebar and then type in your initials in this order:  First initial , lower case;   Last initial, upper case;   Middle initial, lower case.

monogram image2
monogram image3

Choose your design. Go to "Font style" and type in "Monogram Script Arrow."

monogram image4

Choose your design.  Choose the "scale" icon.  Set the height of your design to "11.5" and keep the lock aspect checked.  (This will keep the design proportioned to the original design).

monogram image5

Choose the paint bucket and choose the color you plan to use for your vinyl.

monogram image6

Choose your design, right click and "weld" your design.  This will make all of the letters that are touching, become one shape.  Next, choose the design again, and click on "group."

monogram image7

monogram image8

Next, right click and choose "flip horizontally".  This will cause your design to be mirrored.  For this example we are using "Siser" heat transfer vinyl, which has the carrier sheet attached.  We have to mirror the design to be cut with the cameo.

monogram image9

Go to "cut settings", click on "advanced"; "fill color"; choose "heat transfer material"; Change your blade setting to "4"; and Choose your blade (I'm using a Silhouette Cameo 3, so my choice is "auto blade").
Load your mat with Vinyl, shiny side down (as your image is mirrored).
Do a TEST CUT.  If the blade is not on a good setting, increase or decrease as needed.

If you don't want the arrows around your monogram.  Instead of welding your design as above, "Ungroup your design".

monogram image10
monogram image11

Next,  slide your last initial along with the arrows to the side so that you can remove the arrows and dots. 

monogram image12

Choose your Initial with arrows and, right click on "release compact path" (or chose it under "object").  Now, drag all of the arrow pieces into a pile and delete.  Be careful not to touch the Last initial right now.

monogram image13

Now, choose your Last initial, again, and click on "make compound path."  This will release the centers of your initial (if your initial has them).  Move your last initial back to the mat. 

monogram image14

Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the letters exactly where you want them.  If you use the keyboard arrows the initials will stay on the line they are on and it makes things easier.  

 Choose all three initials and click on "align".  Now, click on "align middle" and "center" the design while all three letters still chosen.  Make sure all are chosen and click on "weld" and "group".  Lastly, flip horizontally to mirror.  

monogram image15

With all 3 initials still chosen, Go back to "scale" and set your height of the design to "10.5".  This will be the height of the tallest letter.

This is my finished image all weeded and ready to press.

monogram image16
monogram image17
monogram image18

 Next, I fold my shirt and press  to create a guide line down the center. Then,I fold my design in half,  and lay it on that guide line, matching folds.  

monogram image19

(I use painters tape to transfer my design to the heat press.)

REMOVE painters tape! Lay down your teflon sheet and Press on a pre-heated press (or press firmly with your iron) at 315* for @ 10-15 seconds.  Peel hot and your done!