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I’m a wife and mom who loves to craft and sew; but, my favorite thing is gift giving!  How much more fulfilling it is for me, when I can MAKE a gift to give!  Out of that love for giving and my love for living in the south, and magnolia trees, Magnolia Vinyl was born. Magnolia Vinyl LLC, is one store with two locations. We are inside Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace and in Rustic Reflections in Crestview, Florida.  I love helping you find what you need to complete your vinyl craft project!  You can message me on our MV page on instagram or at "" on Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope you enjoy my blog!

monogrammed coasters1

So your headed out to a wedding and you  need a quick gift. These coasters from are one of my favorites to give.

Lets learn how its done!

​First step: Open Silhouette Studio, Go to the silhouette store and purchase the monogram that you need.  In my case, I was going to the "English" wedding so this split "E" monogram was perfect.  You can use whatever design you would like.  It's not necessary to purchase anything if you already have a design.  As you can see below, I already own the "E" marked  "I own it".  There are so many design to choose from, the possibilities are endless.
monogrammed coasters2
Next, after your design has loaded into your library in the silhouette software, double click on it to open it in your design page.
monogrammed coasters3
Click on the paint can and add color to your design to make it easier to see.  I usually chose the color, or one close to the color I intend to use.  Black works really well.
monogrammed coasters4
Next click on the font icon and type out your name.  I'm going to use a font that works well with all capital letters.
monogrammed coasters5
Once again, click on the paint can and fill it in with color.
monogrammed coasters6

monogrammed coasters7

Now you can change the font to whatever you would like the design  to look like.  I'm using "Rockwell" in this wedding gift.

Click and drag "English" (your name)  into place.
monogrammed coasters8
Select your designs and right click on "group" to make the two become one design.
monogrammed coasters9
Next, its time to SIZE your image so it will fit correctly on your coaster.  Right now my design is a little over 5 " so that's too large for my coasters.
monogrammed coasters10
In the scale window click on the measurement you want to use for your width ("W") and with the "lock aspect" box checked, your design will automatically be scaled correctly.  If you unchecked this box you can adjust the height also.  You don't want to do that for this design because the coasters are a perfect 4 inch square.
monogrammed coasters11
Next you are ready to duplicate your design.  Choose your design,  right click and chose "duplicate."
monogrammed coasters12
monogrammed coasters13
Click on "duplicate" again and your design will copy below.
monogrammed coasters14
Chose all four designs, right click and "flip horizontally."
monogrammed coasters15
Do a test cut on your silhouette to make sure your setting are correct.  The, send your mirrored design to the Silhouette to cut.  I then cut each coaster design separate before weeding.
Weed your design by removing everything not needed in the design.
monogrammed coasters16
monogrammed coasters17
Use your squeegee to make sure the design is attached to the transfer tape.
monogrammed coasters18

Place your cut transfer tape sticky side up on the mat and then attached the designs face down on to the tape.

monogrammed coasters19
Remove ONE side of the tan covering on one of the coasters.  By leaving the under side of the tan paper on the coaster, You will be able to see to better center your design.

monogrammed coasters20

​Center and use the squeegee to get all of the bubbles out of your design.  Yes, your design is going to still be mirrored (backwards) at this point!  We are putting the design on the underside of the coaster so that your cup can sit on the top and not mess up your vinyl.

monogrammed coasters21
monogrammed coasters22
Now, after your design is in place, peel back the mask, it is no longer needed.  Next, peel off the second brown sticky paper from the front side of your coaster.

monogrammed coasters23

​REPEAT this procedure for the other three coasters.  Add the sticky rubber feet to each corner and you're ALL DONE!