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I’m a wife and mom who loves to craft and sew; but, my favorite thing is gift giving!  How much more fulfilling it is for me, when I can MAKE a gift to give!  Out of that love for giving and my love for living in the south, and magnolia trees, Magnolia Vinyl was born. Magnolia Vinyl LLC, is one store with two locations. We are inside Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace and in Rustic Reflections in Crestview, Florida.  I love helping you find what you need to complete your vinyl craft project!  You can message me on our MV page on instagram or at "" on Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Removing Vinyl From My Favorite Shirt




This is a Favorite Comfort Colors Shirt that I created. After quite a few washings the Holographic Vinyl was starting to fade. I know, now, that I probably should not have put it in the drier.  It's the first time this has happened, so I'm not sure exactly WHY. I want to replace the HTV on it.  So, I'm going to show you one way to remove Heat Transfer Vinyl.

2 Problem

Here's a better photo of exactly what was happening to my Siser Black Holographic... which by the way looks great with Siser's Electric Frosted Blueberry.

3 Product

I'm going to use this Remover that I purchased from "The Rhinestone World".  There are other products out there, so find what works for you. There's another product I had that was an aerosal that I purchase from JSI In Atlanta. 

4 Procedure

I used a toothbrush and poured the remover into a little plastic dish I had lying around.  This method worked better than just pouring the product onto the shirt.  It has the consistency of water so be careful!  It could have taken ALL of the vinyl off of my shirt!  But that's NOT what I wanted.  This time, I just want to remove the holographic so the brush is helping to keep the product exactly where I want it. However if has to be really wet, and you need to work pretty fast because it dries FAST.  If it dries up on you, no worries, just add more.  If you wet it then walk away, you'll have to start over.





You can see here that after a few minutes, the vinyl will begin to come right up. The TRW remover actually dissolves the adhesive behind the vinyl causing it to lift and peel.

4 Procedure

Since I'm using the brush, I can work around the Siser Electric Blueberry that I want to keep on the shirt.  My idea is that I will remake just the coffee part of the design and my shirt will still be wearable.


And, here, you can see here how saturated I'm keeping my shirt as I work.

7 Dont do this

Which caused a problem!!  DON'T DO THIS!  I caused some discoloration of my pool table cover because I forgot to lay an old towel under my shirt.  I guess I learned my lesson.  Now to wash my shirt again and make it as good as new!

I'll Post my Vinyl REDO on my next blog.  (IF All goes well). Wish me luck!