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I’m a wife and mom who loves to craft and sew; but, my favorite thing is gift giving!  How much more fulfilling it is for me, when I can MAKE a gift to give!  Out of that love for giving and my love for living in the south, and magnolia trees, Magnolia Vinyl was born. Magnolia Vinyl LLC, is one store with two locations. We are inside Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace and in Rustic Reflections in Crestview, Florida.  I love helping you find what you need to complete your vinyl craft project!  You can message me on our MV page on instagram or at "" on Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope you enjoy my blog!

mv wedband1

Here's how to make a beautiful banner like this:


​​Draw your first flag in silhouette studio by drawing a rectangle and then going into the scale window and setting your width at 12" and your height at 16". You need to unclick the "lock aspect". 

mv wedband2

​Next, click on the paint can and make it the same color as your flag.  I'm choosing a beige color.  Yes, the flag is larger than the mat, but you can see the actual size the design will be.   We will make our designs to fit inside the mat, since it not be 12" wide when completed. 

mv wedband3

Double-click on your image until the flag has edit points around the corners. Grab the edit point from the center and pull the bottom edge of the flag up about 3 inches.

mv wedband4

Click on your font icon and type the number for the month.  I used "LW Fancy".  You can use whatever font you like.  Next click on the paint can and make your number white (or whatever color you plan to use).

mv wedband5

Next, I move the number over onto the flag to check on my sizing.  Remember, we are not making the vinyl any larger than the 12 x12 mat for this project.

mv wedband6

Now, adjust your number by dragging one of the corners, diagonally.  This is the size I like the number to be and I know it will fit inside my 12x12 mat.

Next, the date of the wedding is the 14th so I type "14", and change it to LW Fancy.  Now, I know that I don't like the automatic space between the 1 and 4 in  this number so, I'm going to "ungroup" and move the numbers closer together.

mv wedband7

Mark the single, ungrouped digits and then use the arrows on your keyboard to move the digits closer together.  Moving them this way will cause the numbers to stay on the same line.  (if you use the mouse, you can use the "align" icon to get the digits level again.)

mv wedband8

Now I want to choose both digits, right click, and group back together.

mv wedband9

​Next, I'm going to make the digits the same size as the first digit by sliding the first digit over and checking the size.

mv wedband10

Do the same with the digits for the year, 17.  Type your 17, choose your font, ungroup, slide digits closer with keyboard arrows, and  slide over the 14 to check sizing.

mv wedband11

 Now, bring a heart in from your studio.  I have this heart that has polka dots.  I'm just going to use the solid heart.  So, I'm going to ungroup the two and delete the dot part.

mv wedband12

Ungrouping the heart designs and deleting the dotted portion,  leaves me with just the solid heart.  I, then, click on the paint can and change it to white just like my numbers are white.

mv wedband13

Next go to the corner and drag your design to make it the size that looks good with your numbers.

mv wedband14

It's now time to send your designs to the cameo.   Don't forget to mirror your images and cut two of the hearts.  Also, if you are using Siser, you want to cut on the back side of your HTV.  One heart goes between each number.  Of course, you are not cutting the actual banner.  It was used as a reference.  Just the white digits and two hearts are cut.  I purchased the actual banner as 5 garden flags from  I cut the triangle out of the bottom of them (about 3 inches to center).

mv wedband15

And here's the assembly of the banner.  I just used a burlap ribbon folded in half as the actual hanger of the banner.  Then, I added different colored ribbon to match my friend's wedding colors.

mv wedband16
mv wedband17